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Southampton Vixens Hip Hop - Daytona International Classic

A project by: Southampton Vixens Hip-Hop


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This project received pledges on Sat 25 Apr 2015

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Please help get the Southampton Vixens Dance Squad to their championships in Florida

The Vixens Dance squad had an exceptional year in 2014, culminating in winning Nationals in March 2014. Not only did we achieve first place in the University Hip-Hop division, earning the World Cheer Coalition (ICC) ‘National Champions’ title, we also scored the highest across all ICC Hip-Hop divisions (including All Star teams) earning the ICC ‘Grand Champions’ title. This is the biggest achievement to date for the Vixens and as a result the ICC has awarded the squad with a bid to compete at the NDA Daytona Beach International Championships in April 2015 to represent England as well as showcasing some of the talent that the University of Southampton has to offer.

(Receiving our ICC National Champions title in March 2014)

The week in Florida will consist of training (provided by ICC) leading up to our competition on the 18/19th April, after which we will immediately be flying back to England. As we are representing the University and England in a predominantly American competition, we aspire to be pioneers of exposing the talent of English Universities.

There is no doubt that to date America leads in university level athletics, including sports like competitive cheerleading and dance. But in recent years, cheer and dance has been one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. We hope to promote the University of Southampton Athletic Union in America to begin building the foundation of our athletes competing at an international level with the best of the best. 

The money we fundraise through this project will help us to contribute towards

- Flights

- Accommodation

- Travel whilst abroad 


We were fortunate enough to receive a grant of £1500 from the University and we have currently raised a total of £2,695 through various bake sales, sponsorships and support from our very own squad. We are still heavily investing our time into fundraising all we can to promote our squad, however, we still have a long way to go!

With your help we want to raise a further £6,000 through this project. Your support will mean that each girl on the squad has a n equal chance of traveling to the competition to represent England. This sport is our sport and we want to make sure that every member of the team who has worked very hard to get to this point has the opportunity to compete at Daytona. To the right, you'll find all the lovely rewards we're offering to each of our donors when you pledge to support our project. What could be a better reward than your very own signed team photo or a Vixens T-shirt! But, no matter how much you'd like to give we are just thankful for your kind and generous support!

When our journey begins we will ensure to keep our supporters up to date with our adventure across America, with a live stream of training updates and competition results. In the mean time you can go to www.southamptonvixens.com/dance-squad.html To learn more about the team and to watch the routine that helped us to win our title. You can also keep up to date with us and the other Vixen's squads on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for your time and we greatly appreciate all donations :)

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Well done for such a wonderful result in Florida girls - fantastic job!

Well done for coming 2nd, so close to first

From my brother xxx

Good luck girls, looking forward to hearing about it!

Good luck girls. Have a great time. Barbara Jaquiss

Good Luck!

Smash it, girlies! Xxx

Good Luck Girls! Love Em-J :) xx

Good luck girls! xxx

Good Luck Ladies. Bring home the trophy!

Good luck girls! xx

Good Luck:)

Love from my Grandad xxxx

Very pleased to support Sophie and Southampton Vixens Hip-Hop


Hi Jane...Keep it up!! From Mary =)

It is my pleasure to contribute in the sport that you enjoy. don't stop exercising! DT

All the best, Southampton Vixens! love from Anne

Wish you all great perform at the competition =)

The donate/sponsor page so complicated (the about gift or tax explanation...whatever...)and shouldn't only accept paypal from payment...it create difficult to finish the payment. Why not add accept credit card too???

All the best with competition!

Good luck Jane and the team! Love Charlotte and Naysun

Go Vixens, Go Vixens, Go Vixens!!!