Vixens Nationals 16-17

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Cheer & Dance Nationals 2017

We need your help

The cost of the sport is higher than ever, with prices increasing on a yearly basis. For the Vixens to attend the ICC Nationals Competition costs on Average £5,000 a year. This is one of the 3 competitions that Vixens enter on a yearly basis, with the total for all 3 competitions coming to on average £12,000.

This year the Nationals will cost £4,879 for the Vixens to attend, £1,000 of which we'd like to raise though this crowdfunding appeal.

Who we are

Last year the Southampton Vixens had an exceptional year with both our Dance and Competition Squad winning National Champions at Future Cheer, as well as earning the World Cheer Coalition (ICC) Title. The competition Squad scored one of their highest scores ever, maxing out the skills level and the Hip-Hop Squad winning their division by over 40 points.

These results are some of the best the Vixens have achieved and we'd love to have another opportunity, with your support, to achieve these titles again at this year's National competition.

The Southampton Vixens is comprised of 3 Squads - Game day, Competition and Hip-Hop. We also have 2 stunt groups - All-Girl Level 3 and All-Girl Level 4. The stunt groups were also National Champions in the 2014-15 Season, and this is something we are hoping we can obtain again this year.

Will you join our community of supporters?

With your support, we'll be able to raise enough money to send our squad to Nationals. For a lot of our team, this opportunity is three years in the making and something they'll only ever be able to achieve with your support.

Nationals is the Vixens hardest competition, where we enter into a division comprised of University Teams as well as All-Star teams. When we refer to All-Star teams, we are talking about teams who have no rules placed on them, and have the pick of the whole country and age ranges, as opposed to just the pick from University Students.

We are fortunate receive funding from the University, as well as a high intake of members who provide us with membership fees that we are able to put towards all 3 Squads, as well as sponsorship from external sources. We are heavily investing our time into fundraising as much as we can, through the means of bag packing, fundraisers, bake sales etc.

We have a large university presence, as well as close ties with the Southampton Stags American Football Team, who we cheer for at all of their games. We are also very active within the community, supporting charities as well as sponsors. We have also been represented in the media on multiple occasions. With all of this support behind us we're confident we'll meet our goal - and you can help us get there by donating anything you can to our crowdfunding appeal.

Where your support will go

If we were to raise the full amount this is how we plan to utilise the money:

Competition Entry - £400 out of £1,670

Hotel - £300 out of £1,625

Coach - £300 out of £1,600

The rest of the funds we need will be found from personal contributions from the team as well as our other fundraising initiatives we're putting on to reach our goal. 

To thank you for your support we're also offering some great rewards, which you can see on the right hand side of the project page.We are offering the following rewards:

£20 - A Signed Thank from the 2 Squads

£30 - A Signed Thank you from the Committee

£40 - A Signed Team Photo of your Choice of Team

£50 - A Signed Team Photo from both Teams

£60 - A Signed Photo from both Teams and a Vixen T-Shirt

£75 - A Thank you Video from Both Squads

£100 - Everything Mentioned Above!  

Find out more

If you'd like to find our more about any of the squads you can follow us on Facebook or find us on Twitter. We also have a website.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send a message to our Facebook page and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also email us.

Thank you so so much for taking the time to read our information, and we cannot say how grateful we are for ANY donations, shares or mentions you can give us on social media to help us achieve our goal!

 Vixen Love xxx