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Completion Date: Sun 15 Feb 2015
Help us create one of the biggest events for entrepreneurs in Britain!

Why are we doing this?

Fish on Toast has won 3rd best Entrepreneurship Society in the UK for the last two years running. We have a strong team with a large skill-set and we want to utilise those skills to create a new and exciting entrepreneurship competition that will reach out to a larger number of students from all across the UK.

We believe in giving young people the opportunity to develop their business skills, and more specifically their entrepreneurial skills; especially if this is something they are passionate about and genuinely want to pursue as a career after graduation. This competition will draw out some of the most remarkable people that desire to show their skills and innovative ideas who are worthy of earning recognition and reward for their efforts.

The competition will allow us to build strong connections with other Universities throughout the UK, which could hold many opportunities in the future for us, including the opportunity to network with other students and their institutions to establish more activities like these in the future. Developing these relationships may also help us to learn of any connections our peers and other universities may have that could benefit any business ideas we might have in the future. Plus, the fact that we have created and organised this competition, means that we can develop recognition and a positive reputable name for our Entrepreneurship Society and the University of Southampton as a whole. 

About the competition:

In preparation for the competition participating universities will conduct a recruitment and selection process where they will select two candidates from their institutions to take part in the competition. The recruitment process will require applicants to send a two minute video about who they are and what their business idea is. The business idea can be any idea that requires funding of up to £50,000.

Once candidates are selected, at each respective institution, the finals will be held in Southampton on Saturday 28th February 2015. To help decide which students will actually present their business ideas, students will participate in a number of preliminary round tasks. Tasks will include problem-solving activities as well as spontaneous and creative tasks that will require the individual to present an impromptu business pitch for a difficult or unpopular brand or topic. Tasks can be sponsored individually by corporations who can also send representatives to help judge the competition.

These tasks will then allow us to select the top five students to present their own business ideas to the audience and to our panel of judges. The presentation will be in front of four judges outlining their business ideas and the judges will choose a winner who will receive £1500 and possible investment into their business idea.


How are we doing this?

The competition has been organised by members of the Fish on Toast Committee and other students with a large range of skills to cover all key roles and tasks. Also, the organisers will use their established contacts and links to get professionals involved in judging and monitoring performance in tasks of the competition. 

However, in order to put on a large event like this and make it hugely successful we require funding. The cash prize of £1500 will be funded by all the Universities who are taking part in the competition, however, there are still other resources which are required so that the competition can physically take place. These include marketing and communications material as funding to cover other resources on the day of the competition such as catering, travelling costs for judges and panellists and other associated costs with putting on the competition.

Without the support of people like you, the competition will be much harder for us to facilitate. The UK has some amazing students with great business ideas who could be the next Sir Richard Branson, Sir Alan Sugar or the next Michelle Mone and we want to help them succeed!

Where exactly will the money go?

The money will be spent as follows:
  • Travel for 10 universities @ £40 per journey (multiple journeys)
  •  Travel for judges x3 @ £200 per journey & use of time (multiple journeys)
  • Venue hire £780
  • Totaling to over £2,000 with a minimum £500 to be able to run the event!


To thank you for your support we would like to thank you by providing you with the following rewards:

  • £1 - A sincere 'Thank you!' for showing your support
  • £5 - A personalised thank you card from the team at Southampton
  • £10 - A signed team photo
  • £20 - Personal thank you video
  • £50+ - Invitation to watch the finals

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Keep up to date on how we're doing by checking back on this page for updates on how planning for the competition is going!

Help us succeed. Thank you for your support!