Fidel the musical: a musical by the people for the people

A project by: Denise Baden


WE RAISED £2,348

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This project received pledges on Sun 01 Nov 2015

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I pledged £25 but didn't get to choose the poster I wanted. I wanted to choose the one with the American flag on. Did I miss something?

Good luck with this excellent project Denise. I was fascinated to hear of it at BAM this year and I look forward to seeing its results. Best Regards Marie Kerr

Let's hope Baden's show is as big as her nose!

Good luck! Yannick, Celeste & Calix

I look forward to seeing it!

Hope you get to 100% funded!

couldn't sign in via facebook

Great project!!! Hasta la victoria siempre

difficult o do when on a mac as didn't get to Paypal account,