Fidel the musical: a musical by the people for the people

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Dear Crowdfunders

Come and see the results of your donations. The musical ‘Fidel’ is being showcased for the first time At St Paul's Church, as part of Iris Theatre's 'workin proces's initiative in Covent Garden on 16th Nov 2017 with two performances at 2.30 pm and 7.00 pm. The show lasts 90 minutes with a brief 15 minute talk about Cuba before hand and a Q&A after. Tickets are £15/£10 with special rates for schools. Book now to avoid disappointment on


Denise : )

11 months, 1 week ago

Dear Crowdfunders,

We are finally ready to to formally invite all those who crowdfunded our musical to become a member of our new co-op ‘A Musical by the People’ Ltd which we set up to support our Fidel the musical project. The idea is that all those who helped make it happen are able to share in decisions and share in any success. Membership is free for those who have contributed (e.g. as songwriter, crowd-funder etc.). Details available on

To join, please click on

We have also released our live version of 'Hasta La Victoria' which will be available to buy from online music stores for 99p from 5th June which we hope will also raise money and awareness so please buy yourself and spread the word.


Denise : )

1 year, 1 month ago

Dear Crowdfunders,

I am thrilled to report that Iris Theatre, Covent Garden have agreed to put on a production of 'Fidel' mid November 2017. It is a 200 seater in the heart of the West End and exactly right for the stage we are at. They are allowing us to have the venue for free and just take 30% of box office which is a fabulous deal. So, thank you, because without your pledges we would not have got this far.

We want to encourage school and college groups to come so are seeking feedback on whether weekday/Saturday  or matinee/ evenings are the best times for school block bookings - so ask around and let us know what you find out! Then we can confirm the dates.

Lastly, thanks to those who gave their views on the name of our new coop - the consensus was 'A Musical by the People'.  Soon we will get in touch to see who would like to join our new coop.



1 year, 7 months ago


We thought you might be interested to know how Fidel The Musical is coming along.

We recently had a wonderfully successful night showing a work-shopped version of the first part of our musical, performed by the Mayflower Youth Theatre and paid for by your generous donations. Click the following link to watch our promotional video from the event and hear some of the other songs

We are also running a third round of our free competition to write additional songs see

That is just the beginning: we are encouraging schools/colleges to put on the musical as it is free of charge for the next year.  

Please feel free to share across your networks as we need to get wider engagement to source a good producer first and foremost and also performers, investors, theatres, schools, songwriters etc.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook

All the best


1 year, 10 months ago


Last year you contributed to my crowd-funding campaign to workshop Fidel the Musical with the Mayflower Youth Theatre. Well its all coming together and on Friday 15th July you will have the chance to see the very first public performance of an extract from the musical. We hope to cover the first hour of the musical to see how the dialogue, choreography and songs all work together. This is a developmental process so we are keen for a large audience to give us feedback to help us refine the musical. We want to get it all the way to the West End! It should be great fun so please come along. It starts at 7.30 at Bitterne Park 6th Form Theatre, 1 Copsewood Road, Southampton, SO18 1BU. Suggested on door donation £10 adults, £5 < 18s.

Thank you again for your donation and I really hope you can come along to see what we have achieved so far.  Uber have sponsored us and are offering a free taxi service (up to £15) using the code 'Fidelthemusical'.

Keep up to date with developments by liking us on Facebook  or  

Denise : ) 

Would love to come but it's the night of the visit of two of the current heroes of Cuba, Gerardo Hernandez and Rene Gonzalez to speak in London and I'm gong to be there. Good luck with the performance. Lorraine T

2 years, 5 months ago

Dear all,

Thanks for supporting Fidel the Musical. Just one day left to raise the money we need. Along with donations not listed on the crowdfunding you have helped to raise an amazing £2500 - but I hope to double that so we have enough for the first workshop. If not, we can still go ahead, but possibly not with a professional choreographer and musical director as hoped. Every little helps to maximize what we can achieve. You can pledge more than once, and also pass onto anyone else who may want to support the musical. If you run into any  problems, you can donate via the blue ‘donate now’ button on our website  This doesn’t list the rewards, but if you email me I’ll make sure you get the reward you like.

Latest news is that BBC South have expressed interest in filming an X-factor type event to choose the final songs to be held at the Turner Sims in January. If you 'like' our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter  you will be kept updated of events.

Hasta Luego and watch this space! 


2 years, 6 months ago

I've just realised, my 'thank you' emails haven't worked, so  a belated and heartfelt thanks to all those who have donated. With your help we have raised nearly £2000, this is almost halfway to what is needed for one workshop. I expect to get some publicity soon on BBC South and the Daily Echo which may help.  : ) Denise