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What is ignite?

Ignite is based on a single aspiration - to help the women in our community who are the most vulnerable and who need our help to improve their quality of life.

Prostitution, addiction and domestic abuse are critical injustices that persist in the shadows of our society. These issues destroy lives, causing unjust pain upon the women they effect. Sadly, these women often fall through the gaps of support networks. In a period of cuts to social services their futures are now, more than ever, at risk.

Our team strives to eliminate this injustice by working with an amazing local charity, The Waterfall Southampton . With your help, we aim to rehabilitate these women - enriching their lives and strengthening the individuals who are often central to our communities.

What do we do?

We run creative therapy and educational sessions that involve crafting candles from scratch, offering the women a relaxing creative outlet. Our candles are all made from pure soy wax, scented with a variety of essential oils and coloured with natural, non-toxic dyes, all within a recycled jar and finished with a simple bow. The candles they don't take home, in addition to some made by our team, are sold locally at university fairs and events, with the profits going directly into funding our programme.

These sessions empower women to take a hold of their lives and change them for the better, resulting in more loving, happier families, with healthier children. With your help we can help to build a stronger, more united community.

Where  Will your money go?

The money we hope to raise from our crowdfunding project will go towards improving and expanding our services - and the University have kindly agreed to match fund your donations! This means for every £1 that you donates, we will receive £2.

Because we work on a voluntary basis, the money we hope to receive can be split across a number of areas. Primarily, we want to keep our creative therapy sessions running, which requires candle making supplies:

- Wax and Wick: £1.50 per candle

- Essential oil scents and colourings: £2.00 per candle

- Labels and stickers: 15p per candle.

We also intend to employ women to make and sell candles on a temporary basis, giving them work place experience that will help them get a job in the future:

- Educational packs (Including a guide to CV writing, guide to setting up an email account and establishing an online presence, a guide to candle making and much more): £5 per pack.

- Start up funds: £50

We also want to help the women we work with start their own businesses. We're currently working on this with Tina, a lady from our sessions. We're helping her to set up a food stall in central Southampton, which will also require the following funding:

- Business cards: £10

- Food hygiene course: £25

- Initial start-up costs: £50

However, is it important to remember that we don't operate like a charity, but a social enterprise. So, it is our intention that the investment we put into supporting the women will is paid back to us from the profits of their business, allowing to re-invest the money and help more women.

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