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Merit360 Southampton

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Help a University of Southampton cohort tackle UN Sustainable Development goals at the New York HQ

Who are we?

We are a group of 14 students and alumni from the University of Southampton who have been selected to join 360 change-makers from all over the world in our quest, and passion, to take action regarding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals .

As part of our requirements for being a part of this amazing and life changing opportunity, we are each required to raise £750 to contribute towards the overall cost of the 16 day programme - which culminates in presenting our ideas to the United Nations.

The programme will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for each of us and we believe our ideas will bring real change to the World.

What is Merit360?

The Merit360 programme provides a significant opportunity for global citizens, like us, to tackle the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The programme uses innovative techniques to inspire younger generations to help tackle these goals by designing a strategy to take action and inspire change through the creation of social projects.

What we'd like to achieve

We have all been fortunate enough to have been selected for this prestigious event to represent the UK and the University of Southampton.

Through our experience in social enterprise, sustainable development and academia, we are aiming to create new projects to tackle the SDGs and create a better world for tomorrow. We are engineers, teachers, scientists and innovators, and we aim to make a positive impact in our global community. 

We all have our own set of skills and experiences that will allow us to create innovative and sustainable solutions to some of the world's most challenging problems. Through our previous involvement with other organisations, as well as the research we've conducted and the papers we've written while at Southampton, we have already made our first steps in creating and running social projects.

These projects range from water filtration tanks for rural villages in Africa, to solar lamp rental schemes in off-grid locations, to entrepreneurial empowerment of vulnerable women in Southampton.

We are now ready to take the next step and achieve the same success we have with our previous projects in a much larger, global scale. And World Merit360 is the first step to helping us achieve our ambitions. Will you help us start that journey?

How you can help

The total value of the programme, for each attendee, is £6,000. However, through World Merit and their sponsorship partners, the cost to for each of us to attend is just £750.

This contribution helps us to pay for our accommodation and meals for the 16 day programme in New York - and allows us to benefit from the programme's stellar and once in a lifetime opportunities including, providing each of us with valuable skills that will develop us both personally and professionally while also allowing us to be a part of the creating the World Merit Action Plan with our peers that will be presented at the UN in New York.

We need YOUR help to get us to New York to participate in Merit360! All contributions will go directly to this cause and with this being an 'all or nothing' project, if we don't raise the funding, we won't be able to benefit from this amazing experience - one that will definitely carve our a great future for each of us attending.

The University's Alumni & Supporters Annual Giving Programme has generously offered to match fund our project - meaning every pound you donate will be doubled! That means your £10 donation will automatically become £20, which is then reflected in the total as we continue to fundraise.

As a way of saying a HUGE thank you, we have created some great rewards for you to participate in the experience of being a part of our success. You can read more about these on the right hand side of your screen. Any amount you donate is hugely appreciated,

Stay in touch and spread the word

Please follow our social media platforms to keep up to date with everything we get up to on our quest to change the world! Even if you cannot contribute monetarily, we would really appreciate your support in sharing our campaign to reach as many people as possible! 

Dedicated Project Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/sotonmerit360/

Website: www.worldmerit.org

World Merit Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/worldmerit

Twitter: @worldmeritHQ

You can also sign up to be a Helper or a Follower of our project. Simply use the buttons at the top of the page to register, help us spread the word (using your own unique link to the project) and stay updated about the success of the project!


11 months, 2 weeks ago

Our deadline has been extended!

We were so close to hitting our target in our initial deadline, we were granted an extension so that the 14 of us can attend this fantastic programme and design strategies and projects to tackle the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals!

Thank you to all our supporters for the donations so far!

Our new deadline is the 22nd of July! As always any and all donations welcome!

A massive thank you,

The Southampton Team

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Fingers crossed that the trip comes off & you all get the opportunity to get into problem solving mode to achieve these very worthwhile goals

Good luck Miriam Lynch and the rest of the team.

Well done. This is a wonderful project and I wish eveyone involved all the best. You should be very proud of yourselves. Enjoy Jade x

Congratulations and Good luck to everyone, have an amazing time.Good

Mr. Ostrovsky is the best thing that happened to the UN.

Best of luck Alex and to the rest of the team - make this count ;)

You can make it!! Go go strong people :))

Good luck guys! An amazing cause and hope the trip goes well! Mesh

Good luck. I hope it goes well. xx

Best of luck Bradley, Adam, Rosie and Victoria! Amazing to see how committed you guys all are and can't wait to hear about it :)

All the best Bradley and Adam, hope it goes well!

Best of luck team. It's inspiring to know that there a young people like you out there thinking about the world we live in and improving its future.

Congratulations Mayan on your well earned degree and all the best for your fundraising!

Good luck , what an adventure , all the best Chris and Pam

Good luck with the project,

Good luck Katie Rose - Have a great time. Stuart Aitkenhead


Well done, regretfully, I cannot attend such good an activity. Hope you will gain more. Thanks and say hello to Jade Cohen for me.

Good luck Andreas and you all!