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Pure Dance 2020

A project by: USD (Union of Southampton Dance)


WE RAISED £2,336

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This project received pledges on Thu 20 Feb 2020

The University of Southampton's Student Excellence Fund provides matched funding opportunities for student-led projects - which help to improve facilities and equipment, as well as financial support for student clubs and societies.

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Hannah Yeo

generated 78 clicks and caused 1 donation of £300.00

Georgie Hill

generated 231 clicks, donated £10.00, and caused 5 donations totalling £73.00

Jess Boxall

generated 45 clicks and caused 1 donation of £5.00

Adriana Camelia

generated 59 clicks

Emma Lambert

generated 37 clicks and donated

Mark Gascoigne

generated 33 clicks

David Hodson

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Esther Ilelaboye

donated £100.00

Phil Barnett

donated £100.00

Caroline Monk

donated £75.00

Matt Hunter

donated £75.00

peter firman

donated £50.00

Owen Jones

donated £50.00

Claire Mason

donated £30.00

April Thompson

donated £15.00

Dellisia Harrop

donated £10.00

Emily Bennett

donated £10.00

joshua Gascoigne

donated £10.00

Kathy Gibb

donated £10.00

Alex Liow

donated £5.00

Debbie Palmer

donated £5.00

Frankie Norton

donated £5.00

Karen A-Kum

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Rachel Marley

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Jan Feeley

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6 anonymous donations totalling £87.00