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Southampton 2 Mongolia

A project by: Oli Hampden-Martin


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This project received pledges on Sun 01 Mar 2015

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1 Ambulance, 4 Graduate Engineers, 8,000 Miles...

Welcome to the team!

Callum Livingstone (Leader) 

Studies: Mechanical Engineering with Automotive (MEng)

Hobbies: Cars and surfing

Team Skills: High levels of keenness and passionate about  4x4 ambulances!

George Tuckey (Navigator) 

Studies: Ship Science (MEng)

Hobbies: Building wakeboarding winches (Click Here)

Team Skills: Good sense of direction and decision maker

Oli Hampden-Martin (Treasurer) 

Studies: Mechanical Engineering with Sustainable Energy Systems (MEng)

Hobbies: Windsurfing and Renault Espaces...

Team Skills: Experienced traveler and haggler 

William Sexton (Mechanic) 

Studies: Mechanical Engineering with Sustainable Energy Systems (MEng)

Hobbies: Kitesurfing and Reddit

Team Skills: Ability to fix anything but cant promise it will be pretty!

Summary of  project

In June 2015 we will drive a 4x4 ambulance from Southampton to Mongolia as part of the GoHelp charity rally. Currently in Mongolia there is a real shortage of ambulances that are able to reach rural communities. Every moment in an emergency is critical, so we have chosen to donate our ambulance to a local hospital in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - and we need your help. The money that we raise from this crowdfunding project will help us to pay for the cost of the ambulance itself and the cost of kitting it out so that it's ready to use once we reach Mongolia.

ok ... so more about the story? 

How did We hear about it?

We were first introduced to the GoHelp charity rally by a group of friends in the university windsurfing club. When they graduated in 2012 they took part in the rally (check out there video above!). After watching there videos and reading there blog posts (click here) , we thought that looks and sounds incredible, so why not give it a go?

Why are We doing this? 

Did you know there is a shortfall in ambulances of nearly 20% across Mongolia?** In other words if you call an ambulance in Mongolia there is an 80% chance it will come to you in the expected time. If you are lucky enough to get an ambulance in Mongolia it’s likely to be poorly maintained and ill-equipped. There is an even greater shortfall of ambulances that are able reach rural communities in Mongolia.

That is why we have chosen to do the GoHelp charity rally!

Today there many opportunities to donate money to a number great causes, however its difficult to see exactly where your £1 goes. In this project we hope to show you through our blog and facebook posts exactly where your donations have gone. 

To make this possible we need your support this adventure is significant physical, logistic and financial challenge with the added pressures of final year of studying and job applications! Anyway as George so wisely says you never remember the night you got great sleep... in all seriousness we are all driven, passionate and excited about taking on this challenge. 

Where are we going? 

Our navigator is working hard to find us the perfect route. This is no easy task with the current political environment in Ukraine, Sryia, Iran to name but a few…

The current route, in red on the map below, will take us through 15 countries; do you know anyone we could visit on route? If so drop us a message!

Are we putting any money into the trip?

Yes! As a team we have agreed to cover our "personal" expenses for the trip. This includes:
  • Living costs: £800 per person
  • Fuel:             £400 per person
  • Flights:         £800 per person
  • Visas:           £500 per person
Grand Total:              £2,500 per person

Where will the money go?

All money raised from this crowd funding page will go directly to the ambulance fund which will fund the purchase, preparation and maintenance of the ambulance. We aim to be as transparent as possible with all the spendings from the ambulance fund which will be posted on our blog at the end of the trip.

Ambulance fund Breakdown *

  1. Purchase 4x4 Ambulance (Budget £5,000)
  2. Prepare vehicle, and purchase spares (Budget £2,500)
  3. Repairs on route (Budget £2,000)
  4. Insurance (Budget £500)

Grand Total: £10,000

Note: any extra funds will be donated to the GoHelp Charity

We will reward you for donations!

To thank you for your generosity, we've got some great rewards which we hope will make you feel a part of our team. All of our rewards are listed on the right hand side of the page! Go on, pick your favorite!

Follow us to find out how we're doing!

We will provide monthly updates on project progress

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/southampton2mongolia

Blog:  https://www.southampton2mongolia.com

If you have got a question/comment for us...

We would love to hear from you with any tips, comments or feedback. Feel free to email us, send us a letter or arrange to have a chat with us! southampton2mongolia@gmail.com

*The costs stated have been estimated using teams that have previously completed the rally

**GoHelp Stats




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Congrats guys on raising over your target, huge achievement!


It was great to hear about the project last week, good luck and have an awesome time!

Lovely to be part of your fundraising. Good Luck

Well done on reaching your (initial) target - just remember that whatever you can raise you can add to the good that you will do. Vaughan Pomeroy

John Tuckey

Best of luck!

Margaret Lilly

Pauline Penfold

Pippa Witt

Pledge by E Sexton was in memory of Peter Gagliani.

Good luck guys!

Val & Bry Wilkes

Good luck to you all, this could actually be real fun with a very valuable result, and a great start to life as an engineer! To engineer is human!!

Charlie & Camilla Bracher

Michael Maude

Charlotte Steel

Katie & Andrew Barr-Sim

Hazel Chuter

'My life is dope, and i do dope sh*t' -Kanye, 1997

Emma Booty

Merrilyn Boorman

Good luck Callum! xx


Mrs Baker

Good luck to you all - here's hoping all goes well!

Jeremy Martin

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Bertie Tuckey

Sarah Bracher

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Georgia Toulson-Clarke

Spaceship Taxi Fare

Jeremy Martin

Diana Glyde

This is a great mission, good luck!

So jealous... Awesome fun, great cause, SMASH IT!!

Good luck!

Good luck guys!

Good luck Guys it's a really worthwhile cause.

Saving up to buy a seat on the truck!