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Southampton Quidditch at the European Quidditch Cup!

A project by: Southampton Quidditch Club


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This project received pledges on Fri 15 Apr 2016

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If only broomsticks could actually fly!

our story 

We are the current British Quidditch Champions, ranking first at the 2015 British Quidditch Cup (BQC) and third at the 2015 European Quidditch Cup (EQC). We have been playing quidditch since 2013 and we play a real life active version of the game, adapted from the magical sport in Harry Potter, following US Quidditch rules. Quidditch has taken off around the world and there are currently over 30 active teams in the UK alone, and Southampton are one of the largest clubs in the UK with over 40 active members.

2015 BQC 1st place trophy

What we want to do

We are raising money to attend the European Quidditch Cup (EQC), which will take place in Gallipoli, Italy. EQC brings together the very best teams in Europe, crowning one team as the European Champion - and we want to come home champions!

With over 40 teams attending from across Europe, and as one of the foremost and highest ranked teams in the UK, this competition is really important to the entire team. We are passionate about our sport and we would love to test our skills against the best teams in Europe and to have our shot at becoming the 2016 European Champions! 

If you donate, and help us along in our journey, you will be enabling 21 of our players to gain experience among some of the most competitive players in the sport at the most prestigious tournament in Europe. While also representing the University of Southampton on an international level.

Quidditch? But you can't fly!

Quidditch stands by itself as a thriving sport, and is unique in its combination of tactical play, physicality, and gender inclusivity. You can have up to twenty one people on your roster, but there are seven active players at all times: a keeper (the goalie), three chasers (the ones who score the hoops and get the points with the quaffle), two beaters (the ones who have the bludgers and control the dodgeball element of the game) and the seeker (the one who chases the snitch). And the snitch? Well, the snitch is a tennis ball in a yellow sock tucked into the back of the snitch runner’s shorts, and the snitch runner has to prevent the seekers from getting the snitch.

It’s not as bizarre as it sounds and even though we can’t fly (but with technology being what it is, it will surely not be long) we absolutely love to play. We have different levels of interest in Harry Potter and we won’t mind if you haven’t read the books or seen the films. Nor will we mind if you love them and have a deathly hallows tattoo.

Sometimes we're so good at Quidditch we think we can fly

An inclusive sport for everyone 

Quidditch is one of the most inclusive sports in the world. There are very few sports that are mixed gender; most sports leagues separate men and women into different leagues where men's leagues are often much better funded. Quidditch mandates a mixed gender squad, allowing women, transgender and non-binary individuals to compete on an equal playing field to men. Quidditch is a leading example for the future of gender inclusive sports, and the Southampton team itself provides a safe community for our transgender and non-binary players to play sports without judgement or being ostracized

Southampton Quidditch Club Firsts and the Nottingham Nightmares at the European Quidditch Cup 2015

What will your donation help us to achieve?

Our cost breakdown for 21 players:
- Accommodation (three nights @ £93 pp): £1,953
- Travel (Return Flights to Italy @ £90 pp): £1,890
- Entry Fee (Player and Team Fee): £210
Total Costs: £4,053

This project is just one of the many fundraising projects we're working on to help us raise the funds we need for the competition. But everything we raise here on the project will go towards our trip - even if we go over the amount we need.

And to help your donation to go even further, the University's Student Experience Fund is helping to match the first £1,000 we raise - doubling each donation we receive up to that point! We'd like to thank the alumni who support projects, such as ours, as experiences like this one are truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, which contributes towards our university experience.

Watch our highlight video from the British Quidditch Cup 2015

Help us Achieve our goal!

To say thank you for your support we've got some great rewards in store, which you can view here on the right-hand side of the page. Hopefully we've managed to convey how passionate we are about this sport and how competing on an international level at EQC will further our club and help us succeed at this unique opportunity!

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Please sponsor us and help us to get to the European Quidditch Cup in Italy, thank you!